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Within this section you will find a wealth of additional information, commentary and links that we have collected surrounding the workforce demographics, retirement, the experience gap and other related items. They had all been published on our blog ‘The Battle For Experience’ but we have republished them all here - and will continue to do so. Why not register for updates via Twitter or RSS

Why Email Is NOT Obsolete

Why Email Should Become Obsolete – wrote Business Insider. … well that is their opinion – or at least the opinion of Don Tapscott. I think he is wrong. VERY wrong. Not to say that email doesn’t have its own set of challenges, which is why it is evolving – and changing – and morphing … but trust me – it isn’t going away … And before you cry – wait Social Media, Facebook messaging , Twitter DMs, SMS ….  EXACTLY. For you to communicate with people on this world of walled gardens – you are being asked to install app after … Continue reading Why Email Is NOT Obsolete

Mind The Gap

Around the time I was asked to con- tribute to this section, I had had two com- pletely unrelated conversations with senior executives (one in the oil industry and one in banking), but, in both conversations, pretty much the same thing was said: “I am not sure exactly when I am going to finally retire, but it will not be so far off.” My ques- tion was, “who will replace you—is there a plan?” In both conversations, the answer was, “I have no idea, and it doesn’t seem like there is a plan.” It didn’t stop there. The thing is, … Continue reading Mind The Gap

The Race To The Bottom

Well now – here is an interesting read ….of course it was bound to happen – the race to the bottom always does ….. but flipping it around a bit – not surprising …. people that understand the QUALITY of connections versus the QUANTITY of connections are vastly out numbered. I know LinkedIN does what it can to advise this very specifically – but it doesn’t stop the flow. My goodness – there are even ‘LION’s out there – who keep pinging us …. and in case you are wondering what that is – A ‘LinkedIn Open Networker’ – someone … Continue reading The Race To The Bottom

Enough Already – Redux

This post was originally written for and published on ODesk. It so caught the imaginations of the readership that though the number of views for the post was in line with expectations at ODesk – the commentaries were off the charts. Some people even went on to reblog and or ‘Scoop It’, like Mary Ellen Ferris. Of course – over here at Expert Alumni, we weren’t too surprised. The ‘Pay, Purpose, Play mantra that we have been expounding on for a while now makes a lot of sense, and once people start to understand it – then the maths just … Continue reading Enough Already – Redux

In Praise of Being Specific

Having recently made the transition from working (for 14 years) in an organisation to working for myself – often from home; it is interesting to me how specific and organised virtual or remote workers have to be about their work. When I work with my clients it is an imperative to identify the specific deliverables and timescales in our projects together – and as long as I meet those requirements – I have earned my fee, I am happy and so are they. I wish I could have operated like that when I was employed. This didn’t occur to me … Continue reading In Praise of Being Specific

It’s Not About Balance. It’s About Enough … The Right Amount …

John has been posting some very interesting articles on work from home, or not working from home… How many times have we heard about “Work-Life Balance”? The suggestion has been that people balance work and life, with an inference being that we should do both in equal measure. In many (not all I hastily add) cases it has been lip service from well meaning HR people who needed to say something to both sides. Well, for me, it is not to do with balance but much more to do with ‘enough’. The right amount. That means from a persona point, … Continue reading It’s Not About Balance. It’s About Enough … The Right Amount …

The Flip Side

Remember this post yesterday ? It was all about how Marisa Meyer has decided that no one at Yahoo will be able to work from home / telecommute etc …. Life is changing at Yahoo. Many pundits are writing pieces about it being the wrong / bad decision or the right / good decision. I fall into the camp of huh ? And I fall into it since every single company that I know of are downsizing their offices, reducing costs by having people work at home. In fact one of the core things that people talk about in ‘Future … Continue reading The Flip Side

All Change At Yahoo

well here is some news I really DIDN’T expect to see today. This post at 37 Signals and this one from the news organisation KMUW are both essentially saying the same thing. And that is that ‘working from home’ in Yahoo is no longer going to be acceptable. In a memo from the desk of Marisa Meyer, she said Being a Yahoo isn’t just about your day-to-day job, it is about the interactions and experiences that are only possible in our offices. I know what she means, but I dont think it is coming out right. I (we) think we … Continue reading All Change At Yahoo

Measurement Gone Mad ?

Quite exactly when something like this will kick in I do not know – BUT – I do know that aspects of it are here already. Putting aside the idea of arm bands tracking Tesco warehouse staff – consider a remote worker, coding or writing a script, or developing an image for a marketing campaign ….. how do you know what they are doing. I would personally take the value argument. I need a piece of work – it needs to be delivered by a certain date – and it needs to have a certain quality. Job Done. But there’s … Continue reading Measurement Gone Mad ?

Portfolio Life

Delighted to report see our very own Jon Glesinger writing about The Future of Work over at BizCatalyst360. We hope you like what he has to say – but as a regular reader of this blog, you will recognize some of the themes. I believe that there are three key factors in Portfolio Life – Pay, Purpose and Play. Pay: we all need money and cash rewards for our efforts. Purpose: we need to be fulfilled, whether helping inner city kids to read, helping in a disaster area or so many other ways that we can improve the lives of … Continue reading Portfolio Life