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Within this section you will find a wealth of additional information, commentary and links that we have collected surrounding the workforce demographics, retirement, the experience gap and other related items. They had all been published on our blog ‘The Battle For Experience’ but we have republished them all here - and will continue to do so. Why not register for updates via Twitter or RSS

CEOs and the Candle Problem

Fascinating read – with the following conclusion:

When your employees have to do something straightforward, like pressing a button or manning one stage in an assembly line, financial incentives work. Its a small effect, but they do work. Simple jobs are like the simple candle problem. However, if your people must do something that requires any creative or critical thinking, financial incentives hurt. The In-Box Candle Problem is the stereotypical problem that requires you to think “Out of the Box,” you knew that was coming, didnt you?. Whenever people must think out of the box, offering them a monetary carrot will keep them in that box.

Who would have thought ?

Well – we would actually. It fits right in with our findings.

via A Mad Hemorrhage Blog | Nature Publishing Group.

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