Expert Alumni membership

Explore the personal, professional and financial rewards that becoming a member can offer.

Whether it is supplementing your income, giving something back, learning new things or mentoring others – there are many reasons why people become members of Expert Alumni. In fact the reasons that people join are just a diverse as the skills and experience that they have to offer. Expert Alumni benefit not only from this breadth of expertise, but also from the differences in members’ backgrounds, locations and cultures. What unites the membership is a shared passion to use their background to make a real impact on a business and help them achieve their goals.

Which is why, when you join, you are not just on call for any role that comes along – each and every offer that we introduce to you is based purely on your past experience and future aspirations. We’ll connect you not only to the organisations that match your expertise, but match your lifestyle too.

Flexibility and variety lie at the heart of membership. The work that is made available is wholly based on your requirements – be it short-term projects, interim management and overseas assignments, right through to providing hands-on troubleshooting and mentoring of others. Our aim is to understand and respond to your needs and leverage your know-how and expertise to the benefit of all concerned.

Ultimately, our vision is to offer many of the benefits of being part of a large team (such as focusing on and enjoying adding value; developing common-interest networks and work-groups), but without the bureaucracy and other low-value demands on your time that can frustrate the work experience inside some businesses.