Becoming a member

A very simple process where we build a clear picture of what you can offer and what you want to recieve through membership.

Becoming a member is relatively straightforward. The first step is online registration; during this process as well as requesting your name and email address, we’ll ask a few questions to help identify how we can work together. If for any reason we feel we cannot help you, we will tell you rather than create expectations we cannot meet.

If, however, we believe we can work together, we will email you to confirm your membership and provide you with the tools you’ll need to build your profile. You’ll get your own password that will give you access your own area within the Expert Alumni system. You can then build your profile at your own pace safe in the assurance that your details are totally confidential.

We are really looking to build a fully rounded picture of you, so we also ask questions about any ambitions or dreams you may still nurture as well as simply gathering information based upon your lifetime experience and expertise, both inside and outside the workplace. We’ll also explore your interest in and ability to coach, mentor, teach and pass on your expertise to others. And, if you so choose, we can provide a course for you to go on to become an accredited member.

As we get to know you better, we may well ask you to take part in a survey or complete a questionnaire for a client with a specific need. This will enable us to provide you with more feedback in accordance with your wishes. And, if at any time you have any questions about the registration process you can simply call us and our Membership Support Team will be delighted to help you.