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Recruitment: Work and Play

Sometimes you may wonder about our approach to business – when we talk of the Pay – Purpose – Play paradigm, the skills gap, the boomer conundrum, career DNA – there are more and more terms in our lexicon that we are aware are new and need consistent explanation and context.

The fact is ‘getting the job done’ is a lot more sophisticated and challenging than it used to be.

So too Recruiting is not what it used to be …. It is a lot LOT more sophisticated – and sometimes – some would argue – weird. I mean what are games doing in the middle of a recruiting process ?

Recruitment: Work and Play … is the full article from The Economist ….

Easy answer – because they work.

The GameChanger unit of Shell, which seeks out new disruptive technologies for the oil giant, is about to test if Knack can help it identify innovators. Bain & Company, a consultancy, is to run a pilot: it will start by getting current staff to play the games, to see which skills make for a successful consultant. (The ability to charge a lot for stating the obvious is presumably not one of them.) “If someone can materially improve our ability to select the best talent, that is worth a lot to us,” says Mark Howorth, a recruiter at Bain.

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