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Within this section you will find a wealth of additional information, commentary and links that we have collected surrounding the workforce demographics, retirement, the experience gap and other related items. They had all been published on our blog ‘The Battle For Experience’ but we have republished them all here - and will continue to do so. Why not register for updates via Twitter or RSS

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The ‘I’ In Connection

It was Robin Dunbar who developed the science, research and conclusion that each of us are only capable of 150 ‘meaningful’ social connections. Click through if you want to know more, because this isn’t a lesson in social connections. For 16 years I have carried this in my mind, along with another concept that emerged from Malcolm Gladwell’s first book ‘The Tipping Point’. That concept was ‘The Law of the Few’ which explored the idea that in any (what he called) social epidemic (but what I think of as message amplification in all kinds of situations), there are essentially three key roles; Mavens … Continue reading The ‘I’ In Connection

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