What we do

We can help you assess, understand and address the potential impact of demographic, economic and social change.

The heart of our business is our members – highly experienced professionals, of whom many have been business leaders and key contributors. They have joined Expert Alumni because they want to be made aware of any interesting and appropriate organisations whose challenges may benefit from their experience and knowledge. We introduce your organisation to the right expertise.

We provide services that help organisations assess, understand and address the potential impact of the retirement of key employees and contractors and the subsequent experience gap they leave behind. These assessments often reveal how our membership can help in the short-term or how a robust expertise management or alumni programme can protect them in the long-term.

Our primary services include:

  • Providing rapid access to experience on demand
  • Providing members for expert support in management and consultancy
  • Assessing the risks that the demographic shift could have on your business
  • Designing, developing and launching a corporate alumni programme
  • Provision of mentors