Who we are

Working with you to limit the impact that demographic shift and economic and social change will have on your business.

Over the past 40 years, organisations have enjoyed a competent workforce at every level. Succession has occurred fairly naturally. People have moved through the levels and, as employees have left or retired, their replacements have been relatively easy to find. But with alarming proportions of the current workforce reaching eligibility to retire this will no longer be the case. Fortunately, help is at hand.

We saw this big demographic problem coming – which is why we established Expert Alumni. We have worked with leading businesses, institutes, professional bodies and specialist consulting firms to develop a range of services that can help you limit the impact that this demographic shift will have on your business.

Our team of experts are well placed to assess the risk that losing your top talent may have on your business and help you put in place both short and long term solutions. We will not only help you fill the experience gaps left by retiring employees but also help you develop your own talent management and alumni programmes to keep this important group of people engaged in the business.