The people behind Expert Alumni and gleXnet

We have an outstanding Executive Leadership team.

  • Jon Glesinger

    Jon Glesinger

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    Prior to founding Expert Alumni, Jon was Managing Director of Norman Broadbent's Energy and Natural Resources Practice and Client Partnership Director for the BNB Group. Jon built an industry leading team that operated globally providing a wide range of solutions for clients in Executive Search, Recruitment, Corporate Branding and Advertising. He also developed a unique and highly effective method of engaging with clients on a consultative basis, redefining the way in which a multi-brand international company engages with its employees, clients and prospects.

    Before joining BNB, Jon worked for TMP Worldwide/Monster and a boutique executive search firm covering a number of diverse sectors. Prior to this, Jon was deeply involved in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing including starting up and running a software development company focused on drawing office management and parametric design. During his career, Jon lived and worked in the Far East, Houston and Europe and has traveled to a wide variety of countries.
  • Tony Dickel

    Tony Dickel

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    Tony has a number of business interests and currently holds the position of Chairman of Transcend International Holdings in Hong Kong, an established center for excellence in coaching and leadership development in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. He is also a current Director of the International Coaching Federation, Hong Kong and the Hong Kong International Coaching Community.

    Tony is also a Board Member of the award winning and groundbreaking MRI China Group. This was founded by Tony in 1999 and grew under his stewardship into a leading multinational recruitment solutions, outsourcing talent management and talent market research organization employing more than 250 people across six countries in the region, with more than 150 in the mainland of China. He grew the organization from scratch despite having no background in either recruitment or HR, and was thus able to defeat many of the paradigms held both inside and outside the industry about its practices and drivers. Tony exited this business in 2010 and remains on its Board.

    Previous to this role Tony spent six years with ABN AMRO Asia Group, first as CFO and, later, as deputy COO, covering the region from Japan, China and Hong Kong to Indonesia. He has also held Board level positions with Sotheby’s Asia, Barings and the Jardine Fleming Group, each one a leading institution in its field during his time with them. Tony is a keen life scientist, artist, photographer and birdwatcher.
  • Nicholas Coutts

    Nicholas Coutts

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    One of the world's leading authorities on routes to market, Nicholas helps clients select and maintain the optimum mix of direct and indirect channels and routes to market that will maximise market share, profit and brand value.

    An expert in the design and marketing of services, he develops models, tools, processes and services which help companies go to market more effectively and efficiently.

    As Vice President, Global Distribution Channel Strategy for IBM, he was responsible for channel strategy and development and the effective use of distribution channels. He has a masters degree in economics from Kings College, Cambridge. Nicholas is a trustee and chair of The Dialogue Trust, which runs dialogue groups in prisons and in the local community to help reduce reoffending.
  • John Philpin

    John Philpin

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    John has a long and distinguished career as a Senior Executive with broad experience in all aspects of Hi Tec Products and Services in the global software business. He has a proven track record in developing, marketing, selling and delivering real world business solutions within large enterprises such as GEC, Oracle, Citibank and Vitria and has proven to be just as effective in fast growth ‘start up’ environments as these mature, well-established companies.

    He has worked as practitioner, system builder, manager and customer and continues to utilize and cross-fertilize the knowledge gained in these roles to get the best results from people and resources available. Equally comfortable in sales, marketing, operations and technology he brings significant global experience to everything he does. With such a multidisciplinary background, he is exceptionally qualified to develop a core strategy and then implement and coordinate across multi-functional business groups.

    The recurring value he brings through all he does is that of 'translator', allowing him to bridge two disparate worlds of expertise so that each party comes to understand the other. Typical bridges include intra-organisational, cross-cultural, customer-vendor, business-technologist ... always seeking to unlock and leverage mutual value that is released once understanding is achieved.

    In Marketing roles specifically he has managed and implemented domestic and international programs with both direct and channel models as well as delivered corporate, communications, product marketing and product management.